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From the moment he trips the shutter to the time you receive your new artwork, photographer Alan Plisskin is personally involved printing, packing and shipping your fine art prints. By doing so, he can assure not only faithful reproduction of his work but your satisfaction with your purchase as well.

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Available in a variety of sizes, prints are created by the giclee method which uses pigmented inks (not chemical dyes) printed on museum-grade archival paper for maximum impact and longevity.
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Optional mounting, matting and framing of prints is available. Please contact Alan directly if you'd like his assistance in selecting matte and frame styles that will enchance the print as well as compliment your decor.

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The shoreline rocks accentuate the shape of the mountains across the bay from Sitka.
Wonder Lake is dwarfed by Mt Denali in the fading light of the day.
This grizzly was patiently awaiting lunch at this popular waterfall on the Katmai Peninsula.
Alaska Fine Art Photography Gallery

Alaska is the definition of "grandeur". I’ve visited Alaska on two occasions, once driving around the central part of the state in a motor home for 3 weeks and more recently, on a Glacier Bay cruise. Before the road trip, I was told that you could be near Mt Denali for a week and never see it because of cloud cover. Oddly, I spent six days in Denali National Park and never saw a cloud! We visited Anchorage, Homer, Seward and Valdez and then drove across the state on the Denali Highway to Tok. Being autumn, the colorful seasonal scenery was unbelievable.

Perhaps the most exciting part of that trip was spending 3 days on the Katmai Peninsula photographing the grizzly bears. These are wild and unpredictable animals. I was standing amongst some trees shooting a grizzly in the water when I realized he was charging me (see “Charging Grizzly”). I slowly put my camera down and started walking perpendicular to its path. Fortunately it decided that I wouldn’t be dinner that day. Whew!

A Glacier Bay cruise is an excellent way to see Southeastern Alaska because towns such as Juneau, Ketchikan and Sitka are only accessible by boat or plane.

Fall colors along Denali Highway to Tok.
This colorful Devils Club along the road to Seward glowed in the overcast light.
The fish were not running so the grizzlies were distracted.  I saw a salmon jumping up the fall while the grizzlies weren't watching, so I  waited until I saw another salmon jumping and was able to capture it in flight.
We drove up to this lake just as the sun was setting and was able to capture a couple of frames before the light was gone.
With Glacier Bay completely socked in, the debris of ice filled the bay.
The coastline south of Glacier Bay was enjoying the first sunlight in days.
This dual level waterfall was flowing after overnight rains.
Fall colors were in full glory along this backroad in Central Alaska.
A grizzly bear prowls the shallows for fish on the Katmai Peninsula.
Amazingly, this tree is prospering on this rock wall in Glacier Bay.
The weather was overcast and foggy when we arrived in Glacier Bay, which help to accentuate the colors in the rocks at the base of this waterfall.
Although inactive, this volcano across the water from Sitka still looks quite menancing.
The fireweed was in full bloom with Mt Redoubt in the distance.
The canopy in Central Alaska was aglow in color.
This Central Alaska lake is located in a lightly populated part of the state.
This inlet south of Anchorage has the second highest tidal differential in the world.
It didn't take me long to realize that this grizzly in the wild of the Katmai Peninsula was charging towards me, not a feeling that I want to relive.
One of those rare clear days in Denali National Park.
This small island was a favorite land spot for the Bald Eagles in the area.