Day Dreamers™
"Let Your Mind Wander"

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Free Standing or
Wall Hanging
5 x 7 Inch
Fine Art Prints

Day Dreamers™ feature a 5x7 inch archival fine art giclee print mounted on a wooden plaque designed to stand on a table or desk as well as hang on a wall.

For protection, each is finished with a 4 mil clear polyethylene laminate allowing for safe, easy cleaning.

Day Dreamers™ are ideal for office decor and other small areas that could use a little artwork. They're fine art for finite spaces.

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Day Dreamers™
"Let Your Mind Wander"

Did you know daydreaming is good for you? Psychologists have found that daydreaming relaxes us, boosts productivity, enhances creativity, alleviates stress, helps us manage conflict, and fortifies our values and self-esteem.

So go ahead, let your mind wander... choose a daydream from these images:
Palm trees sway in the late afternoon breeze on the Big Island of Hawaii.
Palms at Sunset
Buy a Day Dreamer of Palms at Sunset.
An overcast day opened the shadows and saturated the colors surrounding this waterfall in Glacier National Park.
Avalanche Creek
Buy a Day Dreamer of Avalanche Creek.
The sun breaks under Mesa Arch at dawn in Canyonlands National Park.
Sunrise at Mesa Arch
Buy a Day Dreamer of Sunrise at Mesa Arch.
Hillsides are often covered with wildflowers in central California in the Spring.
Spring Bloom
Buy a Day Dreamer of Spring Bloom.
Multiple hues color the volcanic cinder cones on Haleakala.
Buy a Day Dreamer of Haleakala.
A patchwork of Kauai’s taro fields glow in the morning light.
Hanalei Valley
Buy a Day Dreamer of Hanalei Valley.
Syrah wine grapes ready to harvest in a Sierra foothills vineyard in El Dorado County, California.
Harvest Time
Buy a Day Dreamer of Harvest Time.
The lights of San Francisco glow across the Bay beyond the Oakland Bay Bridge.
City by the Bay
Buy a Day Dreamer of City by the Bay.
Rainbow over the breaking surf at Anini Beach in Kauai.
Paradise Found
Buy a Day Dreamer of Paradise Found.
Hillside vineyards in San Gimignano, Italy, turn color in Autumn.
Change of Seasons
Buy a Day Dreamer of Change of Seasons.
Monarch butterflies rest in large groups during their annual migration near Santa Cruz.
Monarch Butterflies
Buy a Day Dreamer of Monarch Butterflies.
The highway leading into Monument Valley at dawn.
Monument Valley Road
Buy a Day Dreamer of Monument Valley Road.
A path across the dry, rolling hills of Marin County, California in Summer.
Summer Hills
Buy a Day Dreamer of Summer Hills.
A California Poppy. These bright orange blooms are the California state flower.
Buy a Day Dreamer of Poppy.
The beach at Point Reyes National Seashore goes on for miles and miles and miles...
Point Reyes
Buy a Day Dreamer of Point Reyes.
Storm clouds over a farm house in Italy’s Tuscany region.
Tuscan Storm
Buy a Day Dreamer of Tuscan Storm.
In summer, fog acts like a natural air conditioner as it rolls in through the Golden Gate almost every afternoon.
Fog in the Golden Gate
Buy a Day Dreamer of Fog in the Golden Gate.
California Poppies bloom in the Carrizo Plain in Springtime.
Buy a Day Dreamer of Poppies.
A farmhouse in Tuscany, Italy after the fields have been tilled.
Tuscan Farm
Buy a Day Dreamer of Tuscan Farm.
The trek to Cataract Falls is one of the best hikes in Marin County. In winter it can also be quite treacherous!
Cataract Falls
Buy a Day Dreamer of Cataract Falls.
An aerial view of downtown San Francisco, the waterfront and the Oakland Bay Bridge.
San Francisco Waterfront
Buy a Day Dreamer of San Francisco Waterfront.