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From the moment he trips the shutter to the time you receive your new artwork, photographer Alan Plisskin is personally involved printing, packing and shipping your fine art prints. By doing so, he can assure not only faithful reproduction of his work but your satisfaction with your purchase as well.

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Available in a variety of sizes, prints are created by the giclee method which uses pigmented inks (not chemical dyes) printed on museum-grade archival paper for maximum impact and longevity.
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Optional mounting, matting and framing of prints is available. Please contact Alan directly if you'd like his assistance in selecting matte and frame styles that will enchance the print as well as compliment your decor.

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I was not comfortable being as close as I was to this Costa Rican puma.
The translucence of this species of Jellyfish was amazing.  It seems like it glows from within as it glides through the water.
It looks like the runt of the nest is talking back to its siblings and parent.
Wildlife Fine Art Photography Gallery

Many photographers devote their whole career to only photographing wildlife. I can fully understand why. Capturing a wild animal in its natural environment is an exhilarating and fulfilling experience. Itís not easy to get great wildlife images; it takes real patience and expertise to create something unique. But when you do, it is very exciting. Shooting wildlife images is part of my photography philosophy to capture Nature in its entirety. From the grand scene to the intimate landscape (macro), from wildlife to flora, I have chosen a photography career that encompasses all aspects of Nature.

This humpback whale dove only 30 feet from our boat in Maui.
Nine images of single whale breach make up this composite.
At Manuel Antonio National Park in Costa Rica, the spider monkeys control the beach.
These two hummingbirds were about to have a territorial dispute.
Two juvenille grizzlies were looking for their mother who had gone off fishing.
The rookery in Venice, Florida had Blue Herons and Snowy Egrets.
This young humpback whale was practicing it breaching.
These jellyfish choreographed a beautiful dance.   Their streaming appendages gracefully floated from one beautiful pattern to the next.
Two Blue Herons were carrying on quite a conversation.
I was focusing on a spot in the water and was shocked when this humpback whale breached into my viewfinder.
Hummingbird wings beat extremely fast. It took a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second to freeze this Broad-Tailed hummingbird hovering over the eucaluptus flowers.
This Blue Heron has quite a catch.
Coming in for a landing in Rajasthan region of India.
Also called Lunge Feeding, one Humpback whale will dive beneath a school of herring and blow a helix of bubbles which confuses and contains the fish. Multiple whales then come up in the center and feast on the herring in an amazing display of cooperative feeding.
Capturing hummingbirds fighting is quite a challenge. I was fortunate to capture these two defending their territories.
We encountered a flock of Siberian Cranes in the Rajasthan area of India.
On an overcast day along the Alaska coast, this eagle appeared to be on a mission.
Hummingbird feeding on Eucalyptus tree in Northern California.
Humpback whale starting a breach.
This beautiful hummingbird's head would change from grey to red every time he turned his head.
On a whale watching trip out of San Francisco I saw this young seagull skimming the water creating these surreal reflections.
These two hummingbirds were using all body parts to fend of each other.
This bear was trolling for salmon in the late afternoon on the Katmai Peninsula, Alaska
This dove was seemed to glow in late afternoon light on Kauai.
The gracefulness and beauty of this African jellyfish was awe-inspiring as it glided effortlessly through the water.
Mountain goats in Glacier National Park have become so accustomed to people that they walk right up to you.
An osprey lands on its nest at Point Reyes National Seashore.
This bald eagle flew overhead in Sitka, Alaska.
Green Sea Turtles are plentiful in the Hawaiian Islands.
This snowy egret seemed to pose for its picture.
Spider monkey watches from its perch in tree in Costa Rica.
This humpback whale did multiple tail slaps to either attract or discourage another whale.
This pelican kept circling our boat, probably looking for food, and kept getting closer and closer.
This trio of birds was oblivious to my existence as they foraged for food.  The sky reflecting in the water lends a tranquil feeling.